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Welcome to H-I-G-H-S!

What is a "gaited" horse?
"Gaited" horses can perform an extra gait beyond just walk/trot/canter/gallop, and it's designed to be smooth and comfortable to ride. Gaited horses can move without bouncing their rider, and so they are favored by people with injuries that would be irritated by a rough ride. Gaited horses in historical times were the chosen mounts of traveling doctors, priests, etc who roamed from town to town and spent many long hours in the saddle. Today, gaited horses are the stars of the show ring because their special gait is usually flashy and fun to watch.
More information:
Wikipedia: Horse Gaits

What are "Horse Art Games"?
What it looks like, really! Create and train your own horse by drawing pictures of it. You can enter user-run dA shows judged either based on effort or by a Random Number Generator (RNG) and win prizes!

At H-I-G-H-S, we focus on playing horse art games with gaited horses. Both naturally-inherited gaits and specially-trained gaits are accepted. A couple of the breeds that are automatically accepted are the Tennessee Walking Horse, Hackney, Icelandic, Missouri Fox-Trotter, etc. Here is a full list or you can check out Wikipedia's list.


Registering with H-I-G-H-S

In order to register your horse, you MUST send a note with the following info:

Registered Name: [not a nickname]
Link to Reference:

After that one of the moderators will register your horse. ^^

All horses registered in H-I-G-H-S will be given a 7 number long ID, the ID does not have to go on its ref. The IDs are used for raffles, and such and do not determine your horse. ID's Are Back! All horse owners will be notified with their horses ID!

Registered Horses: Natural Breeds

This section does not include unrealistically colored horses [e.i. rainbow TWH].

♦Stallions: ♂
♦Geldings: ⚪

♦Grand Prix:star::star::star::star::star:
♦A level:star::star::star:
♦B level:star::star:
♦C level:star:

:bulletblue:American Saddlebred:bulletblue:

SD's Pantaloons ID: 4076235 ♂
SD's Pajama's ID: 7808460  ♂
SD's Knickers ID: 3113823  ♂
SD Corduroy ID: 0061985  ♂
SD's Jodhpurs ID: 0081272  ♂
SD's Bustier ID: 1662715  ♀
SD's Chemise ID: 1288026  ♀
RRS The Strange Familiar ID: 1748153 ♂

:bulletblue:Tennessee walking horse:bulletblue:

Dakota's Jitterbug ID: 5238639 ♀
Jenny Sue ID: 9872493 ♀
Up In Smoke ID: 3159187 ♀
Goodbye Kiss ID: 0577908 ♀
Money Maker ID: 3787812 ♀
Shattered Katana ID: 2615374 ♀
Caipirinha ID: 7346573 ♀
Joker's Dance ID: 0817831 ♂
Joker's Smile ID: 2393181 ♂
Cloudy Night ID: 0623967   ♂
Through The Monsoon ID: 4868238 ♂
Constellation ID: 8110378 ♀ :star::star::star::star::star:

:bulletblue:Missouri Fox Trotter:bulletblue:

♦None yet.

:bulletblue:Paso Fino:bulletblue:

A Grey Mornings Sunrise with a Bit of Magic ID: 7486398 ♀

:bulletblue:Peruvian Paso:bulletblue:

Oronegro ID: 5671357 ♂


♦None yet.

Rocky mountain horse:bulletblue:
BBM Count Cadence Count ID: 4868238 ♂


Miraj ID: 6627277 ♂
Angel's Share ID: 6038630 ♀

Registered Horses: Unnatural Breeds

This section includes all horse breeds made on dA that have inherited a gait, or real breeds with unrealistic coloring.

♦Stallions: ♂
♦Geldings: ⚪

♦Grand Prix:star::star::star::star::star:
♦A level:star::star::star:
♦B level:star::star:
♦C level:star:

:bulletgreen:Unrealistic American Saddlebred:bulletgreen:

All American Rockstar ID: 4670128 ♂
WF's A Perfect Circle ID: 2578707  ♂
WF's Purple Passion ID:1334057 ♂
WF's SteamPuhnk ID: 5685545 ♂
WF's Divination ID: 3193980 ♀
WF's Criminal Minds ID: 5741132 ♀
MVFs Concrete Angel ID: 9914812 ♀

:bulletgreen:Unrealistic Tennessee walking horse:bulletgreen:

♦None yet.

:bulletgreen:Unrealistic Missouri Fox Trotter:bulletgreen:

♦None yet.

:bulletgreen:Unrealistic Paso Fino:bulletgreen:

♦None yet.

:bulletgreen:Unrealistic Peruvian Paso:bulletgreen:

♦None yet.

:bulletgreen:Unrealistic Icelandic:bulletgreen:

♦None yet.

:bulletgreen:Unrealistic Rocky mountain horse:bulletgreen:

♦None yet.

:bulletgreen:Unrealistic Mahtava:bulletgreen:

The BenedictionID: 7387349 ♂
Hugo CabretID: 1533828  ♂

:bulletgreen:Unrealistic Arabian:bulletgreen:

Dh Ballroom Blitz ID: 7309514 ♀


Nix ID: 6145143 ♀


TES Saol Maireachtáil ID: 3260781 ♂

♦If a breed is not listed in this section and has a) learned a gait or b) inherited the gait, then please comment below
♦If your horse has earned another rank, send in a note so that we can add stars to his/her name.
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group: Bailador-Association 

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